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Common questions
Common questions
All you have to do is Register with us, set up the system (we will send you everything you need) then start earning money.
We will only need a few of your details, like your full name, email address, phone number, and Country of residence.
We take great pride in optimizing the traffic of our partners, which translates to a long and steady income stream. We know what we're doing, you’re in good hands here!
An affiliate is a type of marketing program in which a person or business refers traders to TradeEU.
Click on any "Partner with Us" buttons available on our homepage, fill in the form, drive traffic to our platform, get clicks on your affiliate links then convert those clicks into money.
Simply put, an affiliate link is an unique URL linked to an affiliate partner, which contains the affiliate’s ID. This is used to enable traffic tracking.
After you Register you will be assigned an unique affiliate link, which can be found in your account under Marketing Tools .
There are many ways you can use, to motivate your program's affiliates. Here are some of them: encourage communication, promote it on Social Media, and deliver valuable content.
They will only have to click on your affiliate link and start trading. We will take care of the rest.
The idea is to refer as many as you can. More referrals translates into more conversions and into bigger profit. There is no maximum number of people you can refer.
Please read through our Affiliates Policy.
An IB (Introducing Broker) is a person or business partner that attracts new prospects.
We’re offering everything you need to be successful: branding materials, direct links, analysis tools, and an advanced account manager with access to a personalized dashboard.
Absolutely. After you register you will be assigned an affiliate manager who will be available to assist with anything you will need.
Commissions and Payments
Commissions and Payments
Not even a penny! It is free to join.
The Sky's the limit. If you want to check your commission, please login to your TradeEU Partners account and navigate to your dashboard.
There are a lot of reasons why this could be, for example: Card not active for online payments, Payment declined by card issuer, 3D security (Credit/Debit Card), Incorrect card details, Invalid verification code (Neteller), System Error, Invalid email/username (E-wallets), Wrong account number etc.
Affiliate commissions are paid on 15th of the following month.
The payment frequency is once a month, on every 15th of the following month.
Our Withdrawal options are Wire Transfer, E-wallets (Skrill, PayPal etc.) or you can choose to have the revenues transferred to your Trading account.
You will earn permanently as long as your prospects are active. That's the beauty of it!
Revenue Share, also known as RevShare, can be interpreted as shared success. By bringing new clients our way, you will receive a percentage of the spread from your client’s trading volume.
Our RevShare ranges from 5% to 50% of the spread of the client’s trading volume.
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is a commission you receive for every active trader that deposits and opens trades.
This ranges from 50$ to 1000$ and it is dependent on the traders you attract. In order to activate the CPA, the trader will need to have a minimum of 5 closed trades.
Dynamic CPA is a commission plan where you receive a percentage your referral’s first time deposit. The bigger a client’s deposit is, the more you earn. Get in contact with our account managers for full details.
Hybrid Model is a commision plan we designed for partners who want to gain from both CPA and RevShare. This means you earn not only from your referral joining, but also from his trading activity.
A Master IB program allows organizations and individuals around the world to be rewarded for introducing new IBs to us.
Yes. This is a commission offered for referrals who then go on to refer others for the broker.