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At TradeEU, we have a simple mission - To help all online traders, from beginners to pros, to trade with confidence.

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  • In order to achieve that goal, we established a rewarding affiliate program that motivates introducing brokers and encourages them to drive high-quality traffic to the platform.

  • Once registered, our traders remain loyal to the platform, generating more profit for our affiliates over the long term.

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Learn. Trade. Succeed.

At TradeEU, we know that the key to success is providing a platform that is accessible to all, reliable, and secure. Therefore, we designed TradeEU to be intuitive enough to pick up quickly, yet packed with cutting-edge technology, powerful tools, and functions to enhance the trading experience.

New traders can practice with a virtual account (demo trading) and learn how to use the platform with zero risk. One of our main goals is to help traders to rapidly grow in confidence.

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Who Should Apply?

The TradeEU partnership program is open to anybody capable of bringing relevant traffic to our trading platform.

Our partnership program is open to a wide variety of professionals, including digital and social media marketing professionals, bloggers, crypto and financial journalists, influencers, comparison website owners, app owners, and financial educators.

If you are interested in becoming an introducing broker, then our trading affiliate program is a great option. On top of the high conversion rate we experience, the quality of our platform translates to greater traders' lifetime value, potentially creating more commission over the long term.

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Fair and Reliable platform

TradeEU complies with all the relevant regulations making it a reliable place to trade online.

Online trading regulations differ from region to region. However, all regulations require that the platform operates in a safe and transparent way. We ensure that adequate financial compensation is in place to guarantee the availability of trader funds.

Our Values

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All of our operations and policies are visible and there are no hidden fees or charges

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Sharing our knowledge

We provide training, education, and tips for our partners to make sure that our partnership will succeed

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We offer one-to-one support for our partners and traders at any time of the day or night

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We make sure that our partners and affiliates get paid regularly and on-time

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We aim to provide a top-tier experience for all of our partners and traders

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Personalized support is vital to the success of both our traders and partners