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We put our partners, introduction brokers, and affiliates first

We go to great lengths to make sure that the partnership affiliate program is rewarding for everyone involved.
Competitive rewards
for the traffic you generate
Quick and easy sign up and onboarding process
Wide range of supported payment methods

Enjoy quality traffic over the long-term

Optimized traffic for partners

The goal of our collaboration with partners is to optimize their traffic and generate more profit. The majority of our traders stick around and keep trading, which creates a long and steady income stream.

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A rewarding experience for traders

We have optimized the platform performance and made it as intuitive as possible, which has helped to increase both customer loyalty and partners' income.

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Support smart trading

At TradeEU, we provide a well-designed platform, with educational and informational content that adds up to a top-tier trader experience!

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Variety of business models

We will tailor the platform to match the most suitable business model for you:

• Revenue share
• Dynamic CPA
• Master affiliate
• Hybrid

Partner with Us

Our platform makes trading possible for everyone


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You can be up-and-running through our partnership program in minutes. Simply follow these three steps:

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Set up the system

We’ll support you with everything you need to begin your affiliate marketing journey

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